Ancient viruses in the human genome linked to mental health conditions

Human endogenous retroviruses are remnants of viral genes in the human genome NICOLLE R. FULLER/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY Ancient viruses embedded in human DNA millions of years ago may play a role in raising people’s risks of depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The viral genes have unusual activity levels in people who have a higher genetic … Read more

Is Vegan Food Really Good For Your Dog? Experts Reveal The Truth : ScienceAlert

Two years ago, a study was published that claimed nutritionally sound vegan diets are “the healthiest and least hazardous dietary choice for dogs”. We recently published a study challenging those findings. Based on our analysis of the data the original study used, we argue the association between diet and dog health (or more accurately, the … Read more

Sting review: Fast-growing spider becomes the pet from hell in gripping chiller

Charlotte (Alyla Browne) sleeps while her pet spider, Sting, escapes Well Go USA Entertainment StingKiah Roache-TurnerIn cinemas (US); Releasing 31 May (UK) A bratty 12-year-old girl. A feckless stepfather who loses her trust and feels increasingly out of place in his own home. Oh, and a giant spider. Kiah Roache-Turner, a newish director of horror, … Read more

Flavorama review: Arielle Johnson digs into flavour science in a tasty new book

Copenhagen’s Noma restaurant, where researcher and cook Arielle Johnson has worked THIBAULT SAVARY/AFP via Getty Images FlavoramaArielle Johnson (Harvest) WHAT makes roasted meats taste so good? In the 19th century, scientists thought the answer was a mysterious substance known as osmazome, found in the flesh and blood of animals. The influential theorist Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin described … Read more

How do you tell apart seemingly identical fanged frogs from Thailand?

Distinguished frogs It turns out, say Chatmongkon Suwannapoom and Maslin Osathanunkul, that a good way to distinguish one kind of fanged frog from another is to do melting analysis. Their report, “Distinguishing fanged frogs (Limnonectes) species (Amphibia: Anura: Dicroglossidae), from Thailand using high resolution melting analysis“, explains how they achieved the “rapid and accurate identification … Read more

Havana Syndrome: We Don’t Need to Choose between Brain Injury and ‘Mass Hysteria’

We Don’t Need to Choose between Brain Injury and ‘Mass Hysteria’ to Explain Havana Syndrome Puzzling Havana Syndrome injuries that have afflicted U.S. diplomats may have a more complicated explanation than solely pulsed microwaves or mass psychology By Jon Stone & Kenneth R. Foster US embassy in Havana, Cuba Adalberto Roque/AFP via Getty Images They … Read more

Could we live in tree cities grown from giant sequoia in the future?

Oregon sequoia forest, USA E.BISSIRIEIX/Shutterstoc​k In the second half of the 21st century, the first living city was established in urban forest around Portland, Oregon. Sequoia City comprised a grove of 40 trees, including a hospital tree, schools, farms and recreation facilities (zip lines, slides and altitude swings). As they grew, residential trees eventually each … Read more

Scientists Think This Psychedelic Drug Could Help Treat Anorexia : ScienceAlert

The psychedelic drug psilocybin (as found in ‘magic’ mushrooms) has promising potential as a treatment for the eating disorder anorexia nervosa, according to new research that looked at its effects on an animal model of the condition. Psilocybin appears to free up the brain enough to break out of the rigid patterns of thought which … Read more