5mm Eyepiece + 2x Barlow Vs. 2,5mm Eyepiece with no Barlow

Hello there!
I’ve come to a serious question regarding lenses. I’m looking for a new eyepiece for my Skywatcher EQ-1 102/500.
However, i don’t know if it would be better to buy a 5mm and use it along with my 2X Barlow or if i should go for a 2,5mm eyepiece and not use the barlow, since both cases would achieve the same magnification of 200X which is near the maximum 204X magnification my refractor Tele supports.

In a nutshell, in which case the image will appear more detailed(better) when i observe through the Tele: a 5mm with the 2X Barlow or a 2 times more powerful eyepiece(2,5mm) with no Barlow whatsoever?