Astronomy positions for Scientists in Parks program?

Hi, does anyone have any experience with the Scientists in Parks program, specifically the astronomy assistant/night sky assistant positions? I will be graduating in May with a degree in physics with a concentration in astrophysics, but I have realized that I am much more interested in conservation/environmental science for a career (plus I honestly do not really like and am not very good at physics…I’ve done well in my astronomy/astrophysics courses but kind of tanked in my pure physics courses). I am thinking of environmental science for grad school but I was hoping to get at least a few years of work experience in the field or something adjacent before then. I have a good amount of research experience with CCD observation/analysis (did an REU with my research advisor along with undergrad research) as well as customer service experience which I imagine could translate well to one of these jobs, but all the information I’ve found on reddit is related to the geology positions. Are there any particular parks that are more competitive or less competitive? My GPA isn’t the best (3.3) and I worry that might make me less desirable for the more competitive positions. I really don’t care much where exactly I end up as long as i can find a job lol. I would hope that my astronomy experience along with my interest in conservation/environmental science might make me a good candidate but I’m really not sure. Any insight?