Best app to regularly track one specific star?

TLDR: Need an AR iphone app that can track Rigel’s approximate position in realtime, showing not only its current position, but also its trajectory over the next few hours. Does not need to be free.

This has proven surprisingly more difficult to find than I anticipated, which is how I ended up here. Google and app searches have yet to turn up an option that does this one specific thing really well. But maybe I just don’t know the right terms to search… I’m also not entirely in a great state of mind atm.

My dog passed away yesterday; he was named after the star, Rigel. Part of me likes to think that’s where he is now, hence wanting to be able to track the star (even when it’s out of view). I used to have a great app many years ago that charted the path of the sun back when I was doing time lapse photography so that I could see exactly where on the horizon it would appear at dawn (coincidentally with that same pupper at my side.) And while I’ve found a few apps that technically show me where Rigel is currently positioned, that’s about the extent of it, plus and they’re covered in ads. Happy to pay a couple bucks for something if anyone has a recommendation. Position, trajectory, and ideally with an option to favorite the celestial bodies I wish to track.