Can utter noobs see the Aurora from Colorado?

Someone on my bonsai tree forum mentioned a couple weeks ago that the Aurora borealis would be extra strong that week, and visible from the northern border states, which kicked me into a bit of an obsessive fit trying to figure out if I had a chance in hell of showing it to my kids.
Missed that boat, but according to the University of Alaska Aurora forecast we’re do for similar activity around December 22, and I’ll have my kids for Christmas around that time, and can’t really think of anything more exciting to do with them.

We live at the very southern tip of the the Colorado Front Range, and there’s no shortage of elevated positions that would technically give us line of site plenty far enough, except that they all would have us trying to pere through the viewing crap fest that is 100+ miles of Denver/Denver adjacent/Denver wannabe (can we just nuke Denver because it’s not really Colorado anyway?). My best guess is head out northeast aways, but we lose altitude fast. It’s also going to be close to full moon at that time.
Can someone help me figure out the best way to make an attempt with 4 kids in the middle of the night, and cheap 80mm refractory telescope; or am I expecting too much? Maybe there’s a map somewhere that I’m unaware of that might be useful, even if this Aurora thing doesn’t pan out?