‘Constellation’ season 1 episode 4 review: Compelling drama makes up for a thin mystery

The three-episode premiere of “Constellation” was anything but forgettable: the acting on display was great all around, and Apple’s backing can be felt on the screen. However, Peter Harness’ new series also struggled to make a case for an eight-episode season with its first drop because it arguably revealed too many cards too soon. Does this episode alter that sinking feeling? Not really, but the show’s strengths become clearer.

Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel once again, episode 4 ‘The Left Hand of God’ drops the stress of the opening episodes and uses a slower, more methodical approach to cut into the main characters and their post-accident struggles. Regardless, the sci-fi elements throw a couple of curveballs our way, potentially setting up fun mechanics in future chapters. Again, the moment-to-moment of “Constellation” is quite enjoyable, yet its butter may be scraped over too much bread.

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