Announcing my discovery of a faint nebula structure in the Andromeda constellation,

In imaging some distant galaxies, I discovered a very faint structure on the far edge of the frame. I spent the next three nights centered on it, and with a fast scope (C14/Hyperstar @ f/2) I got 18 hours of good frames.

I also imaged with another scope in Oiii, thinking it was Oiii, and got nothing.

I’ve looked and looked, and it’s not catalogued or listed anywhere.
Ive gone through every layer on SIMBAD, and it’s not visible or marked.

After consultation with other astronomers, including Steve Mandel, (the original discoverer of IFN’s and who gave these structures the name “Integrated Flux Nebulae”) it was determined that this is one of many IFNs throughout our galaxy.

Steve’s work can be found at: