Everything we know about Star Wars Eclipse

On the horizon is Star Wars Eclipse, Quantic Dream’s ambitious take on an action-adventure Star Wars game with branching narratives. This is thanks to Lucasfilm Games extending the development of new Star Wars video games to publishers and studios beyond EA. So, after the excellent Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and as we are also preparing for a romp through the galaxy’s colorful criminal underworld in Ubisoft Massive’s Star Wars Outlaws, we’re being treated to yet another rich space adventure.

Currently, Outlaws and Eclipse aren’t the only big-budget Star Wars games in development, as Disney aims to release at least one major title (alongside smaller projects) every year moving forward. At EA, Respawn Entertainment is staying in the galactic business with a sequel to Jedi: Survivor, a yet-to-be-revealed first-person shooter, and a strategy game co-developed with the XCOM and Civilization veterans at Bit Reactor. We can also look forward to Skydance Media’s mysterious “cinematic adventure” project, Saber Interactive’s Knights of the Old Republic remake, and other titles yet to be revealed.