‘For All Mankind’ season 4 episode 8 review: Mars prepares for the heist of the millennium

When Helios boss Dev Ayesa (Edi Gathegi) announced last week that he planned to steal an asteroid, it conjured up images of the sort of interstellar-action you’d usually associate with “Star Wars” or “Star Trek.” This is “For All Mankind”, however, and — even though this season has considerably upped the sci-fi quotient on its more grounded predecessors — his audacious plan has at least one foot in reality (and astrophysics).

It’s also an excuse for a fun, old-school heist plot that runs in parallel with the return of Margo Madison’s (Wrenn Schmidt) former Roscosmos contact, Sergei Nikulov (Piotr Adamczyk). He wants to talk about more than the good old days, as the Cold War/espionage plot that’s been one of the pillars of season 4 takes a chilling new turn.