Happy Holidays from the students of the @IAASorg

Happy Holidays from the students of the @iaasorg!

#2024 will bring new adventures in #radioastronomy #research #stem for the students of the @iaasorg.

Know a student interested in astronomy or aerospace sciences? The IAAS welcomes inquires from interested students as well as their parents/guardians/educators regarding joining the onsite student research team. Email “join@iaas.org” or visit our website (IAAS.org) and fill out the inquiry form.

The IAAS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located just East of Strasburg, Co. Financial, in kind and material donations may have beneficial impacts to the donor.

Image details – The students of the @iaasorg busy working on the #rubypaynescott Radio Observatory at #StarHavenObservatory…