I am someone with Dyscalculia planning to begin studying Astronomy. Any tips and advice?

Ever since I was six or so, I always had a fascination with space. I wanna say this was probably given that I was not only consuming sci-fi media at that time, but shows like the 60s Star Trek which my parents would introduce me to and it sparked my fascination with the scope and laws of space. So much so where I would read elementary-aged national geographic books on astronomy, watch documentaries on the moon landing, and watch programs such as Bill Nye the Science Guy.

But even though a broadcasting major is my main goal, I was hoping to study astronomy and have a deeper understanding and go deeper than what I consumed as a child. I was hoping on maybe get a minor in astronomy. However, I am someone with possible Dyscalculia as stated in the title, and since Astronomy relates to astrophysics (physics being a branch of math), I might struggle since I all I know is basic math.


For those who are well experienced in this field, any tips to start out? Not so much study habits, just sources to go to given my situation. But tips on learning the field for someone with Dyscalculia in mind can help. If you can recommend me some good books, documentaries, or pre-recorded lectures that can help, I would appreciate it! Thanks for taking the time to read this!