Is art okay? I made this for my dad who loves stars and guitars. He even helped me build a telescope when I was a kid! This will be a christmas present

Hes an old scifi head. Growing up Id watch old star trek shows with him. Hes got rows and rows or asimov, clark, pratchet etc.

We were blue collar though so never had a lot of money. But man he could build anything. When I was in junior high he fabricated parts at work to build a telescope for us, grinded down a lens and built this cool metal pendulum-like thing that hung in our basement. It would sweep over the lens pass by pass carving out perfect curvature.

When I was a kid I really took him for granted but now as an adult I see how much he influenced my love of creativity and the universe.

I am making this for him for christmas. Going to have it printed. (when i was a toddler id call him “bald headed daddy”)

But I am not quite done with it. Does anyone have any suggestions? Sometimes after drawing long enough i cant see mistakes anymore

Any feedback befor giving to dad would be welcone