Just me or is Jupiter so bright that it’s almost stupid?

Just got back in, little early but I gotta work tomorrow. Soon as Jupiter got up high enough I swear it’s polluting the whole sky and casting obvious shadows.

I guess if you aren’t B3 or lower it’s not as much of an issue, but man it’s bright. I haven’t done a ton of observing but noted how clear the sky looked tonight and dragged the dob out. Really terrific views early then started to fade a little bit, then a little more. Then milky way started blending in with the sky more and it was just sprinkles and easy to see my way around.

Had my 38mm out and I think the other 2″ is a 28mm, so magnification was not on my list. Still got a nice view, spotted a couple of fuzzies that I haven’t taken note of in recent memory, as well as a few clusters I’ve not really looked at much.

Fun times but blue skies, lol. Wonder how many years it will take Jupiter to move back to summer skies. I guess about 5-6 years. Sheesh. Oh well, few months it should be on the way out again, and there will be snow on the ground.