Locating an image of Analemma


I’m hoping for some help in locating an image and some information. I know it’s a long shot but it’s one worth taking.
My Grandad, Robert T Price, is thought to be one of the first people to photograph the Analemma southern hemisphere; this would have happened 2004/2005.
I’m unsure if confirmation on that would be available but was wondering if anyone had a resource to check, He would have been living in Bethanga, Victoria Australia at the time if that’s relevant or helpful.
Image/film has not been found in any of my Grandad’s drives or in his belongings. My mother has a print but does not have the original film/image.
I would love to locate the original film or a high resolution version of the image.

Using the wayback machine, the image was posted back in July of 2005 on the [Astronomical Society of Albury-Wodonga](https://web.archive.org/web/20050728085611/http://www.asaw.org.au:80/) website. This is the earliest I can find it and if anyone has seen it posted elsewhere I would love to know

If you know of anywhere else that I might be able to look or anyone I might be able to message please let me know
If you need more information I will do my best to help

Thank you