Looking for an app for taking a picture with degrees overlayed

The ideal app I’m looking for would work like this: I take a picture of a landscape and the app overlays the altitude degree measurements (e.g., so I can tell the angular height of a nearby building). If the cardinal directions are also included, even better.

I’m considering a location in a park for a public astronomy night. There are some trees and buildings nearby, and I’d like to know in advance whether they’ll be blocking any celestial bodies of interest. So with the app I’m looking for, if I know the position of, say, Saturn on the target day and time, I can look at the picture taken with the app and tell whether Saturn will be blocked.

Yes, I know that I can do all of this manually, and I know I can figure out my camera’s field of view in degrees and figure out the rest myself. I’m looking for an app to save myself some time.

EDIT: I have an Android