My Meade ETX-125EC stolen, looking for better travel scope

Hey everyone!

A while back I had my Meade ETX-125EC stolen out of my vehicle. I was considering getting another but never really liked the computerized mount on a travel scope. Usually I just want to pull something out of the van, quickly set it up and point it at a target to share with others camping with me. I rarely used the “goto” function of this scope and would have preferrred a little more aperture instead.

I recently picked up an older 1980s Meade LX10 8″ (205mm) SCT for cheap and it seems like a good candidate for a travel scope, but it lacks the nice hardcase and I’m not really sure what a good compact travel EQ mount would be for it. I suppose I could defork the OTA on it as well. Anyway, I am searching for recommendations for a case and mount to make it into a travel scope.


Is there a better travel scope with at least a 150mm aperture?


edit – fixed Meade model from LX90 to LX10