Need Advice on XT6 2” Eyepiece

I tried searching on this subreddit, I tried googling the answer, and tried to search on youtube. All I figured out is there is no one that agrees on what eyepiece to buy. This is a purchase not just for me, but my 11 yo daughter who really loves just panning back and forth in the sky at random when we have clear nights.

I do not have any 2” eyepieces and the posts I find online about the XT6 says it doesn’t have a 2” focuser. Well, mine came with a 2” focuser, so I feel it these posts may be a few years out of date.

Current eyepieces.
All Plossl, 1.25”
25mm – 12.5mm – 7.5mm
2x barlow

I am loving what I have so far, but I want to try out a super wide fov, but do not know what is reasonable with only a 6” dob. Regrets of not getting the 8 still sinking in, lol.

I was looking at a 18mm 82 degree explore scientific eyepiece. However, I feel like I may be doing it wrong buying a $300 eyepiece for a $600 dob.

Any advice geared towards the XT6 would be helpful.