Noomi Rapace and Jonathan Banks on making Apple TV+’s ‘Constellation’ (exclusive)

Emerging from the fertile imagination of British writer/creator Peter Harness (“Wallander,” “Doctor Who,” BBC’s “War of the Worlds”), Apple TV+’s new sci-fi puzzle-box series “Constellation” just landed with the streaming service on Feb. 21 with a spooky three-episode premiere that will blow fear-fraught viewers out of their customary entertainment orbits.

This surreal eight-part storyline follows European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Jo Ericsson (Noomi Rapace) as she returns to Earth after a tragic accident befalls the International Space Station (ISS) in the aftermath of a NASA quantum experiment mishap. Back home, Jo begins experiencing memory loss relating to her daughter and marriage and suffers from reality-altering hallucinations, leading to questions regarding a massive coverup about the secret history of space travel.