Put together a wide field setup!

Ignore my messy room. Just finished putting together my wife field setup for this winter and next summer. Got an 80ed collecting dust until galaxy season unless I find something interesting to shoot with it.

Anyway here’s the setup

Zwo am3 (ordered Nov 22, received today, Dec 1)

Zwo asi294mc pro w/ canon lens adapter (filter slide built in)

Zwo asiair plus (found used for $200)

Zwo guide scope (needs cleaning 😂) + 120mm camera

I’ll be using a 14mm f/2.8, 50mm f1.8, and a 135mm f2 with this setup. Hoping to figure out a way to bear the cold this winter so I can go up to Cherry springs with this setup. I’m just shy of a year into this hobby and this is finally what I can confidently call a lifetime setup. This thing is gonna go all over the world (I hope), at least all over America, with me. It’s versatile with the filter slide and ability to change lenses, it all runs off of 1 singular 12v plug, and it’s lightweight! I can fit it all into a carry on bag (minus the tripod). Having a OSC will allow me to shoot mosaics easily, I already have some shots planned for early next year. Anyways that’s enough of my rambling, can you tell I’m excited? Are you surprised that it’s cloudy for the foreseeable future? Sorry northeastern American residents.