Scale model of the solar system help

Calling on the astronomy brains trust:

I am working on a project to create scale model of the solar system. I would like to scale it down so that the distance from the sun to Uranus is 10km which I think is a scale of 1:447,260,000. I am trying to scale the size of all the planets and the distances between them correctly based on this 10km prerequisite.
The reason I chose 10km is because it is a reasonable distance for a walk or run while also being able to show scale models of the planets without them being reduced to an imperceptible spec (I think? 🤔)

I will signpost the location of each planet between the sun and Uranus at its accurate scaled size along with some supporting facts.

My issue is that I’m approaching this project as a graphic designer – not a mathematician. I have a good idea how to present the info to the public but not if it’s accurate. I’ve run some numbers on AI a few times but have been going in circles a bit.
May I request some more proficient eyes on the numbers above to verify? Apologies in advance if they are completely cooked.