Sharing a little holiday joy.

I’m lucky enough to be spending Christmas with my very bright 8 year old grand daughter and budding astronomer it seems.

And thanks to many of the tips over the last couple of years from this reddit, have been able to foster that interest. ( A recap, for her 8th birthday a couple of months ago bought her a semi-decent telescope; selection advice from here, along with a couple of basic observation guides)

I was very pleased to hear the they’ve been using it, and got a play by play of the observations. We set up glow in the dark solar system planet wall stickers today, something that she insisted we do together, based on our shared interest.

So tonight after hanging out, I asked her if she wanted to read a book before bed.

She insisted that she was going to read one of the astronomy books I bought her, and that we had to read it under the telescope (tripod.)

Sure like every grandparent they think highly of how gifted they are, but tonight, for me, it felt otherworldly have her read to me from that book, discussing Copernicus, some history of astronomy and touching constellations. Other than helping her pronounce some of the words, if feels like interacting with a teenager. I’m wowed. If she keeps it up, I’m sure she’ll be beyond me in a few years.

Planning a planetarium visit when she comes to our city to visit next.