Software Developer in Astronomy

As an early-career software engineer interested in specializing in areas related to the study of the universe’s origins and particle physics, I’ve done some research and found several suggestions that could be relevant for someone in my position. These include learning Python and data science stacks such as Numpy, Pandas, and SciPy, understanding the algorithms and the math behind them, and engaging in practical learning through contributing to open source projects like AstroPy or creating small projects.

Additionally, I’ve learned about the importance of reading scientific journals available on websites like []( [](, examining job postings at institutions like observatories, ESA, NASA, the Space Force, and The Rubin Observatory, and gaining a solid foundation in math and physics. Joining communities such as Virtual Astronomy Software Talks also seem beneficial.

I would appreciate it if experts in these scientific fields could validate these findings and offer additional suggestions or resources to help me become a software engineer in these domains.