Solar noon

Hello everyone,

I understand that the time of solar noon changes every day due to variation in the earths speed.

When the earth is closer to the sun than average, the earth is alsoaccelerating. The solar noon is later cause the earth needs to rotate a bit more to get to the same point when it is faster than average.

The earth is closest to the sun this year on the 4th of January and furthest on the 6th of Juli. Thus, I expect the earth to have the highest speed and thus latest noon between these two dates in April.

However, the solar noon variates a lot more, reaching several highs and lows every year. E.g. a late noon in February, early noon in May, late noon in July and early noon in November.

I have read that this is to the angle at which the earth is orbiting. While I understand the influence on length of daylight and night, I do not understand though how this shifts the solar noon / the length of the solar day.

Could you try to explain this?

I would be very grateful