Sharp decline of African birds of prey puts them at risk of extinction

Bateleurs have declined by 87 per cent in three generations Andre Botha Dozens of species of African birds of prey are in steep decline, with many now considered at risk of extinction, according to an analysis of data from across the continent. Farming and pesticide use, poisoning by poachers and the proliferation of infrastructure like … Read more

Black Children Who Speak African American English Are Routinely Misdiagnosed with Speech Disorders

“Dr. Holt, I need you to come listen to one of my second graders. This is one of my best students, but I’m worried I might be overlooking a speech or language disorder—I’m just not sure,” the teacher asked me. I visited her second-grade classroom and listened to the student say, “The mama bird, she … Read more

Mystery Behind Dozens of African Elephant Deaths Finally Explained : ScienceAlert

In late August 2020, wildlife veterinarian Chris Foggin was masked up and dissecting an elephant that was suspected to have died from anthrax when he got a call to say there had been more fatalities. The next day, another five dead elephants were found in the baking hot Zimbabwean sun. Foggin knew he and his … Read more