First-of-Its-Kind Experiment Confirms The Best Cannabis Compound For Anxiety : ScienceAlert

Cannabis’s effects seem pretty paradoxical on the surface. Some people call Mary Jane their best friend, enjoying feelings of relaxation, profound insight, and a release from troubled nerves. Others spurn the devil’s lettuce, overwhelmed by feelings of paranoia, depersonalization, and panic. A new study confirms that particular chemicals in weed are responsible for the drug’s … Read more

Could Magnesium and TikTok’s ‘Sleepy Girl Mocktail’ Actually Help You Sleep?

The “sleepy girl mocktail” is just what it sounds like—a fizzy cherry concoction meant to lull you to sleep. This homemade tipple has taken over TikTok (and Sleepytime tea’s spot on many nightstands). The question of whether it actually works remains up for scientific debate, however. Many sleep experts argue that any benefits people may … Read more

Farmers in Crisis, Long Overlooked, Are Finally Getting Mental Health Support

Chris Bardenhagen used to shrug off any worries about mental health, but the stresses of taking over his struggling family farm now have him seriously considering therapy. Bardenhagen is a sixth-generation farmer who grew up on an 80-acre multicrop orchard in Michigan that his family has run since the 1800s. And it all was officially … Read more

Don’t stress: The scientific secrets of people who keep cool heads

YOU know that person. The one who uses a delayed train as an excuse to get stuck into a good book. The one who can make a joke 10 seconds after breaking their ankle. The one who loves giving presentations and never falters under pressure. They seem to float through life unfazed by the stress … Read more

Slipping on Your New Year’s Resolutions? Science Tips to Get on Track

It’s not too late to make New Year’s resolutions. That’s because January is not over yet but also because anything can be a temporal milestone if you want it to be. Some of the hype around such resolutions comes from what behavioral researchers call “the fresh start effect,” or the fact that people are more … Read more

How to hack your stress and turn it into a positive force in your life

Many of us have felt more than a little stressed over the past couple of years. For me, exhibit A is my teeth. A recent trip to the dentist confirmed that months of pandemic-induced jaw-clenching, product of the usual deadline stress amplified by the demands of two young children, had left four of them broken. … Read more

Postpartum anxiety: Why do people get it and how can we treat it?

Dannielle Bahri had done everything she could to prepare for having her first child. She registered for CPR classes. She signed up for a breastfeeding course. She took careful note of the advice and warnings her healthcare providers gave her. But, despite her diligence, she felt anything but calm when she finally brought her daughter … Read more

A Popular Sweetener Was Linked to Increased Anxiety in Generations of Mice : ScienceAlert

Could the sweetened drinks we’re consuming be making us feel a little more anxious? A 2022 study looking at the effects of the artificial sweetener aspartame on mice suggests that it’s a possibility that’s worth investigating further. Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1981, aspartame is widely used in low-calorie foods … Read more

Losing a Grandparent Hurts Boys at School

Death is not random. Demographers estimate that 75 percent of Americans are expected to live to age 70, meaning that most deaths occur late in life. The death of an older relative, such as a grandparent, is expected. As such, a grandparent’s death is considered part of life and not an event with consequences that … Read more