Apollo astronaut’s granddaughter opens immersive moonwalk experience in Dallas

What do you get when you mix an Apollo astronaut’s legacy with a trio of shipping containers, the latest in VR technology, the cousin of a “Star Wars” robot and an escape room like no other? Well, if you are Danielle Roosa, the answer is clear: An immersive experience that can give anyone (10 years … Read more

Bulova adds meteorite dial to Apollo 15-inspired Lunar Pilot watch

How do you enhance the connection that a watch shares with outer space beyond just evoking its history of having been flown to the moon? You replicate the look of the original, but replace its dial with a space rock. Bulova is celebrating its long history with NASA and the U.S. space program by releasing … Read more

Apollo 17 astronauts saw strange flashes on the moon. Will Artemis crews see them too?

Specialists are now pulling together potential photography assignments for NASA’s crewed Artemis 2 moon flyby, now projected to occur in September 2025.  Tucked inside their Orion spacecraft, they will be hurled moonward by NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and travel roughly 4,600 miles (7,400 km) beyond the far side of the moon during the … Read more

SUCCESS! The First US Moon Lander Since The Apollo Era Has Launched : ScienceAlert

The US is embarking on a return to the Moon! The United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan rocket launched successfully on Monday 8 January, carrying a lunar lander named Peregrine, from commercial company Astrobotic. Aboard that lander are five science payloads from NASA, designed to collect in situ lunar data – the first NASA instruments ferried to … Read more

The First US Moon Lander Since The Apollo Era Is About to Make History : ScienceAlert

In just a few short hours, the US will be embarking on a return to the Moon. The United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan rocket, due to launch at 02:18 EST (07:18 UTC) on Monday, 7 January, will carry a lunar lander named Peregrine, from commercial company Astrobotic. Aboard that lander will be five science payloads from … Read more

55 years after Apollo 8’s Christmas at the moon, a new Artemis crew readies for launch (exclusive)

NASA’s first moon commander in nearly two generations says his crew is thinking a lot about the 55th anniversary of Apollo 8. Apollo 8, the first human mission to the moon, saw three NASA astronauts launch to lunar realms on Dec. 21, 1968. Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders entered lunar orbit on Christmas … Read more

‘Apollo 13’ moon disaster movie hits a new high for film fans

Houston, we have a new reason to celebrate 1995’s “Apollo 13” movie. The iconic space film — based on the near-disaster of NASA’s 1970 Apollo 13 human moon mission — was named part of the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry on Wednesday (Dec. 13). Each year, the registry selects 25 films for inclusion due … Read more