ISS astronauts witness ‘spectacular’ auroras from space (photos)

Fresh aurora pictures from a NASA astronaut is making us green with envy. Earlier this month, International Space Station astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli captured absolutely stunning pictures of a flag-like green aurora stretching from the southern regions of the Earth far up into space. “The auroras from up here are spectacular,” NASA‘s Moghbeli told during … Read more

Giant geomagnetic storm to slam into Earth, fueling auroras across northern US

The sun has launched a blob of plasma toward Earth that could trigger a geomagnetic storm in the planet’s magnetic field, officials say. This could bring stunning aurora displays to parts of the United States, primarily northern and upper Midwest states today (Jan. 22 and Tuesday (Jan. 23), according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric … Read more

Strange And Beautiful Auroras May Glow on Planets Orbiting Pulsars : ScienceAlert

We have been treated to some amazing aurora displays over recent months. The enigmatic lights are caused by charged particles from the Sun rushing across space and on arrival, causing the gas in the atmosphere to glow. Now researchers believe that even on exoplanets around pulsars we may just find aurora, and they may even … Read more