Our universe is merging with ‘baby universes’, causing it to expand, new theoretical study suggests

Our universe is expanding at an ever-accelerating rate — a phenomenon that all theories of cosmology agree upon but none can fully explain. Now, a new theoretical study offers an intriguing solution: Perhaps our universe is expanding because it keeps colliding with and absorbing “baby” parallel universes. Studies of the cosmic microwave background, the afterglow … Read more

Strange Object Described as Dracula’s Sandwich Could Represent a New Kind of Baby Star : ScienceAlert

Space, it seems, is teeming not with stars and galaxies but with delicious cosmic snacks. A new object in the Milky Way discovered by a team of astronomers led by Ciprian Berghea of the US Naval Observatory has been given the nickname Dracula’s Chivito, after the meat-laden sandwich that is the national dish of Uruguay. … Read more

A star’s extreme outburst could be tormenting baby planets

An extreme eruption from a young star that resembles the sun suggests budding planets have to exist in a rather savage environment. A team of scientists from the Center for Astrophysics (CfA) used the Submillimeter Array (SMA), an array of telescopes on Maunakea in Hawaii, to observe the young star HD 283572. The crew watched as HD … Read more

Baby exoplanets might look like Smarties candies rather than spheres

Sweet new research suggests that newly forming planets may have a flattened shape  similar to that of a popular British candy.  A team of researchers from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in England used computer simulations to model the formation of planets in dense gas disks around young stars. Comparing these models with actual … Read more

A Camera-Wearing Baby Taught an AI to Learn Words

By the time most children are two years old, they can understand about 300 words. By the age of four, the average vocabulary has ballooned to more than 1,000 words. Our species’ incredible capacity to quickly acquire words isn’t fully understood. Some cognitive scientists and linguists have theorized that people are born with built-in expectations … Read more

JWST Spots Baby Sun Spitting Up Supersonic Flows

January 1, 2024 2 min read A newly released image from the James Webb Space Telescope provides a detailed view of a star’s infancy By Lori Youmshajekian Credit: ESA/Webb/NASA, CSA/Tom Ray (Dublin) Shrouded in a turbulent knot of dust and gas, a fledgling star expels supersonic jets of material that stretch thousands of times the … Read more

World First Partial Heart Transplant Is Growing With a Baby : ScienceAlert

The first baby to undergo a partial heart transplant will hopefully be spared repeated heart surgeries as the implanted tissue is growing with him – an outcome that has never been seen before in humans. Surgeons made history in 2022 when they stitched heart valves and vessels taken from a donor infant into the heart … Read more

Zapping Baby Plant Roots With Electricity Boosts Growth by 50% : ScienceAlert

Just like human nerve cells, plants are alive with electrical signals. Although we can’t usually see or feel them, these pulses of electrical activity surge through plant tissues, triggering sudden movements or warning of newly inflicted wounds. Now researchers have tapped into that circuitry to boost plant growth, finding that zapping barley seedlings with electricity … Read more

Baby Survives Incredibly Rare Pregnancy Outside of Mother’s Uterus : ScienceAlert

Done with putting up with abdominal cramping for more than a week, a 37 year old woman from the French island of Réunion east of Madagascar visited a hospital emergency department, only to discover she was – in fact – pregnant. Scans soon revealed a rather surprising twist. Though there was a 23-week-old baby happily … Read more

Rodent The Size of a Baby Spotted Crunching Coconuts in The Solomon Islands : ScienceAlert

If it were not for the traditional custodians of an old-growth forest in the Solomon Islands, scientists may have never caught a glimpse of it: a rodent species of unusual size, quietly living in the trees and crunching through coconuts with its giant, sharp teeth. Measuring roughly the length of a newborn baby and weighing … Read more