Everything we know about ‘3 Body Problem’

2024 looks like a great year for science fiction. Adding to the geeky thrills this year is “3 Body Problem,” an 8-episode, prestige-level adaptation for the debut book of the “Remembrance of Earth’s Past” novel series, a New York Times bestselling sci-fi trilogy from Chinese author Cixin Liu and arriving on Netflix beginning Mar. 21, … Read more

We May Finally Know Why Fasting Protects The Body From Dangerous Inflammation : ScienceAlert

Our immune system offers essential protection to our body, summoning chemical agents and cellular assassins to sites of damage in skirmishes we experience as inflammation. Unfortunately a range of factors can trigger inflammation into going awry, leaving a trail of collatoral damage. Adhering to a high calorie Western diet, for example, is known to risk … Read more

Experts Explain What Drinking While on Medication Can Do to Your Body : ScienceAlert

Anyone who has drunk alcohol will be familiar with how easily it can lower your social inhibitions and let you do things you wouldn’t normally do. But you may not be aware that mixing certain medicines with alcohol can increase the effects and put you at risk. When you mix alcohol with medicines, whether prescription … Read more

Wherever a Dead Body Lies, The Exact Same Organisms Always Appear : ScienceAlert

The ecological clean-up crew that breaks down dead bodies features several of the same species, and tend to always follow the same routine – regardless of location, climate or season, new research shows. “These findings may contribute to society by providing potential for a new forensic tool,” write the study authors, led by microbial ecologists … Read more

There’s a Curious Link Between Depression And Body Temperature, Large Study Finds : ScienceAlert

To better treat and prevent depression, we need to understand more about the brains and bodies in which it occurs. Curiously, a handful of studies have identified links between depressive symptoms and body temperature, yet their small sample sizes have left too much room for doubt. Researchers led by a team from the University of … Read more

Caffeine in Your Blood Might Affect Body Fat And Diabetes Risk, Study Finds : ScienceAlert

The levels of caffeine in your blood could affect the amount of body fat you carry, a factor that in turn could determine your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Those are the findings of a 2023 study that used genetic markers to establish a more definitive link between caffeine levels, BMI, … Read more

Monkey Study Reveals 91 Changes in Virtually Every Body Organ During Pregnancy : ScienceAlert

Scientists have mapped out the drastic changes pregnancy makes to the body’s metabolic pathways in a closely related primate, and it could guide the way to better understanding pregnancy problems like recurrent miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, and gestational diabetes. Little is known about this major disruption to the body’s metabolic flow, but now a team of biologists … Read more

Your Body Has Its Own Built-In Ozempic

January 25, 2024 4 min read Popular weight-loss and diabetes drugs, such as Ozempic and Wegovy, target metabolic pathways that gut microbes and food molecules already play a key role in regulating By Christopher Damman & The Conversation US The following essay is reprinted with permission from The Conversation, an online publication covering the latest … Read more

The surprising benefits of having an asymmetrical face, body and brain

LOOKING in the mirror, you may notice a slight imbalance in your features – a leftward curve of the nose, a wrinkle that only appears under one eye or an ear that is slightly higher than the other. For centuries, this lack of perfect balance was thought to detract from our beauty, and you can … Read more