Bouncing Bubbles Boost Boiling | Scientific American

Bouncing Bubbles Boost Boiling A new surface uses tiny gaps to supercharge bubble formation to transfer heat By Rachel Berkowitz Credit: Vsevolod Vlasenko/Getty Images Bubbles rising through boiling water are among nature’s best tools for carrying excess heat away from a surface. And now there’s a better way to boil: make tinier, speedier bubbles that … Read more

Physicists Discover Surprising Quantum-Like Behavior in Tiny Bouncing Droplets : ScienceAlert

Quantum physics is fundamentally weird, so much so that we need thought experiments of hidden cats in boxes and metaphors of spinning coins to even begin to comprehend its laws. Yet even in our classical world, where physics is more intuitive, shades of quantum behavior can be represented using relatively simple scenarios. Researchers experimenting with … Read more