How measles can do long-lasting damage to children’s immune systems

Measles is resurgent in several countries Science History Images / Alamy Stock Photo This is an extract from Health Check, our newsletter about the most essential health and fitness news. Sign up to receive it in your inbox for free every week. Measles is in the news again, with outbreaks being reported in the UK, US and … Read more

Screen Time Could Have a Surprising Effect on Our Children’s Ability to Process Sensations : ScienceAlert

Screens can seem like a cheat code for parenting, offering a brief respite from shrill noises and surrealist mischief long enough to do something indulgent like wash dishes or make lunch. Yet while screen time may be harmless or even enriching in moderation, it’s still rife with pitfalls. Screens can tempt kids away from physical … Read more

A Hidden Pattern in Children’s Eyes Can Reveal if They Have Autism : ScienceAlert

Deep learning AI models could be used to screen for autism and check on the severity of the condition, according to new research – and all the AI might need is a photo of the subject’s retina. Previous studies have linked changes in retinal nerves with altered brain structures, and from there to Autism Spectrum … Read more