Small Spaces in the City review: Can we thrive in a smaller future?

Takeshi Hosaka’s micro-home, Love2 House, in Tokyo, features in the Small Spaces in the City exhibition. © Takeshi Hosaka Small Spaces in the City: Rethinking inside the box ROCA London Gallery, until 16 March 2024 “Cook’s at it again,” reads one Antarctic station log entry from the 1970s. “Threw a lemon pie and cookies all … Read more

Parking Lots Cause More Heat and Flooding–Here’s How 100 U.S. Cities Rank

CLIMATEWIRE | Sunbelt cities prone to extreme heat and precipitation have more parking lots in their central cores than other urban areas, potentially worsening climate impacts for millions of people, according to a nonprofit group focused on urban planning The new analysis by the Parking Reform Network sheds light on how surface lots and decks in 100 American … Read more

Cluster of Ancient Lost Cities in The Amazon Is The Largest Ever Found : ScienceAlert

Researchers have detected a cluster of lost 2,500-year-old cities at the foothills of the Andes in the Amazon rainforest. This amazing discovery, the oldest and largest of its kind in the region, includes a vast system of farmland and roads, revealing that Ecuador’s Upano Valley was densely populated from about 500 BCE to between 300 … Read more

Thousands of US Cities Could Verge on Becoming Ghost Towns by 2100, Study Finds : ScienceAlert

In 2100, our world will likely look drastically different to what it does today, either reshaped by natural forces driven by climate change or by humans saving their own skin. Our cities could look totally different too – and some might be shadows of their former selves. A new study has run the numbers and … Read more

NASA unveils X-59 plane to test supersonic flight over US cities

The X-59 aircraft Lockheed Martin Corporation/Garry Tice An experimental aircraft commissioned by NASA will fly over major US cities at faster than the speed of sound. The purpose of the X-59 plane is to gather evidence that will determine if supersonic commercial aviation over land should be legalised. Aircraft create a wake of shock waves once … Read more

Major Cities on The US East Coast Are Sinking Faster, Scientists Warn : ScienceAlert

Based on satellite imagery, geologists have determined major cities on the U.S. Atlantic coast are sinking, some areas as much as 2 to 5 millimeters (.08-0.2 inches) per year. Called subsidence, this sinking of land is happening at a faster rate than was estimated just a year ago. In a new paper published in the … Read more

Ancient cities discovered in the Amazon are the largest yet found

Lidar scans of the Upano valley in Ecuador showing raised platforms Stephen Rostain Aerial surveys have revealed the largest pre-colonial cities in the Amazon yet discovered, linked by an extensive network of roads. “The settlements are much bigger than others in the Amazon,” says Stéphen Rostain at the French National Center for Scientific Research in … Read more

Thousands of U.S. Cities Could Become Virtual Ghost Towns by 2100

The Urban U.S. could look very different in the year 2100, in part because thousands of cities might be rendered virtual ghost towns. According to findings published in Nature Cities, the populations of some 15,000 cities around the country could dwindle to mere fractions of what they are now. The losses are projected to affect … Read more

Cattle in The Earliest European Cities Weren’t Bred as Food : ScienceAlert

The earliest cities in Europe were built on the foundations of a mostly vegetarian diet, according to new research. The findings suggest that even with the dawn of agriculture and large, planned settlements, meat was but a delicacy. The gigantic circular cities of the Trypillia culture emerged around 6,000 years ago in what is now … Read more