‘We are approaching the tipping point’: Marker for the collapse of key Atlantic current discovered

Scientists have discovered a key warning sign before a crucial Atlantic current collapses and plunges the Northern Hemisphere into climate chaos.  The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) carries warm water north from the Southern Hemisphere, where it releases heat and freezes. The freezing process concentrates salt in the non-frozen portion of the ocean water; this … Read more

Amazon Rainforest Facing Drastic Collapse From 2050, Scientists Warn : ScienceAlert

The Amazon rainforest is facing a barrage of pressures that might tip it into large-scale ecosystem collapse as soon as 2050, according to new research Wednesday warning of dire consequences for the region and the world. The Amazon, which holds more than 10 percent of the world’s biodiversity, helps stabilize the global climate by storing … Read more

It’s Confirmed. A Major Atlantic Ocean Current Is Verging on Collapse. : ScienceAlert

Last year a concerning study suggested one of Earth’s major ocean currents is racing towards collapse. Unfortunately, new data now backs that up. “The temperature, sea level and precipitation changes will severely affect society, and the climate shifts are unstoppable on human time scales,” the authors of the latest study warn in an article for … Read more

AMOC collapse: Atlantic current shutdown is a real danger, suggests simulation

An ocean current that flows from the tropics to the North Atlantic has a big influence on Europe’s climate Jens Carsten Rosemann Is there a serious risk of the Atlantic current that warms Europe slowing to a halt as the planet heats up? Yes, according to the most detailed computer simulation run so far – … Read more

Scientists Say They’ve Found The Trigger For Ancient Maya’s Collapse, And It Reads Like a Warning : ScienceAlert

Researchers peering back through 800 years of history have concluded that Mayapan – the capital of culture and politics for the Maya people of the Yucatán Peninsula in the 13th and 14th century CE – may well have been undone by drought. That drought would have led to civil conflict, which would, in turn, have … Read more

OpenAI’s Soap Opera Collapse Bodes Ill for AI Benefiting Humanity

December 11, 2023 4 min read Whatever fantasies we may have had about the nonprofit structure of OpenAI have been eviscerated. While it remains a nonprofit, it’s proven entirely beholden to ruthless capitalism By Ed Zitron Sam Altman, seen here at APEC Leader’s Week in San Francisco, California, was fired briefly as CEO of OpenAI … Read more

End Times: Why reports that Western civilisation will soon collapse are premature

ANCIENT Egypt, the Roman Empire, the Maya, China’s Qing dynasty – these civilisations all shone brightly in their time. Yet, in every case, the glory days were followed by collapse. This seems to be the inevitable trajectory of any culture. What’s more, it looks like Western civilisation is experiencing this fate right now. Signs of crisis are … Read more