New NASA Collection by Stomp Rocket takes off for kid-powered flight

Anyone with children can attest to the fact that if kid power could somehow be naturally harnessed we’d immediately solve the world’s ravenous energy needs!  Stomp Rocket, the STEM-based toy line founded back in 1993 right here in America has tapped into that imaginative idea but in a far more limited form by releasing its … Read more

Stomp Rocket ‘targets’ NASA history with new space toy collection

A classic toy brand is finally putting its foot down on how NASA rockets are launched. After 30 years of producing “kid-powered” projectiles of its own design, Stomp Rocket is releasing its first-ever NASA-themed set. The Space Collection will be available exclusively from Target and select toy shops starting Sunday (Feb. 4). “It has always … Read more

Remastered ‘Space-Mullet’ webcomic collection coming this summer

Whether or not those radical “business in the front, party in the back” haircuts of the ‘90s, which spawned nicknames like the Camaro Cut or Alabama Waterfall, will ever come back in style is highly debatable.  But despite the urge to forget all about those outdated barbershop blunders, Image Comics is confidently doubling down on … Read more

See a dazzling collection of the year’s best northern lights pictures

Mathew Browne’s entry “Goleuadau’r Gogledd”, which translates to ‘Northern Lights’ in Welsh. Mathew Browne THERE are few sights as spectacular as aurorae, and they are used to dazzling effect in the Northern Lights Photographer of the Year contest, run by travel photography blog Capture the Atlas. “Waning Sun” shot on Senja Island, Norway Alex Wides … Read more

Scientists find record-breaking collection of molecules in 2 extremely ancient galaxies

A treasure trove of molecules has turned up in two galaxies that we see as they were over 12 billion years ago, revealing information about how the ancient realms form stars. One of the distant galaxies, APM 08279+5255, is home to a quasar — an active supermassive black hole at its core swallowing huge amounts … Read more