CDC’s Labs Are Making a Comeback. Now They Need Support

February 12, 2024 5 min read The pandemic early exposed weaknesses in CDC’s laboratories. Organizational and culture changes there are good first steps, but more must be done By Jill Taylor, Ewa King & Scott Becker Almost unnoted, the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the COVID pandemic in the U.S. passed in January. Missteps … Read more

World’s ‘Rarest Insect’ Makes Stunning Comeback After Near-Extinction : ScienceAlert

Only 20 to 30 ‘tree lobsters’ remain in the wild. This single fragile population was rediscovered in 2001 after the insects were presumed extinct for 80 years. These wild Lord Howe Island stick insects (Dryococelus australis) currently cling to their precarious existence on a near-vertical volcanic outcrop called Ball’s Pyramid. Now, San Diego Zoo is … Read more

Kākāpō Parrots Are Flightless, Adorable and Making a Comeback

Kākāpō are avid walkers, wandering on strong legs for miles at a time and hiking up mountains to find mates. They’re keen climbers too, clambering up New Zealand’s 65-foot-high rimu trees on large claws to forage for red berries on the tips of the conifer’s branches. But there’s one thing that the world’s heaviest parrot species can’t … Read more