The existence of a new kind of magnetism has been confirmed

Altermagnetism works differently from standard magnetism Libor Šmejkal and Anna Birk Hellenes A new kind of magnetism has been measured for the first time. Altermagnets, which contain a blend of properties from different classes of existing magnets, could be used to make high capacity and fast memory devices or new kinds of magnetic computers. Until … Read more

It’s Confirmed. A Major Atlantic Ocean Current Is Verging on Collapse. : ScienceAlert

Last year a concerning study suggested one of Earth’s major ocean currents is racing towards collapse. Unfortunately, new data now backs that up. “The temperature, sea level and precipitation changes will severely affect society, and the climate shifts are unstoppable on human time scales,” the authors of the latest study warn in an article for … Read more

Rare Human Case of Bubonic Plague in Oregon Confirmed by Authorities : ScienceAlert

The bubonic plague might sound like an affliction of the past, but the bacterium behind the disease is still out there, causing thousands of human infections worldwide, year after year, although cases in the US are relatively rare. The state of Oregon just confirmed its first case in eight years, and officials say it probably … Read more

Asteroid 2024 BX1 fragments confirmed to be rare meteorites as old as the solar system itself

Fragments of an asteroid that exploded over Germany on Jan. 21 and were recovered five days later have been confirmed to be a rare space rock type that could help shed light on Earth’s origins.  As initially reported on Feb. 1, scientists suspected that the strange appearance of the meteorite fragments from the parent … Read more

It’s Confirmed! Laser Fusion Experiment Hit a Critical Milestone in Power Generation : ScienceAlert

In December 2022, scientists at the US National Ignition Facility announced a historic milestone: for the first time, their laser-powered fusion reaction had ‘broken even’, producing more energy than it consumed. But advances as big as this need to be rigorously checked – and that can take some time. Importantly, a series of papers detailing … Read more