Deaths from shark attacks across the world doubled in 2023

Bull sharks live in shallow waters and occasionally attack people Leonardo Gonzalez/Shutterstock Shark bites and deaths increased internationally in 2023, with Australia recording the highest number of fatalities and surfers making up the largest group of victims. The University of Florida’s International Shark Attack File (ISAF) investigated 120 “alleged shark-human interactions” worldwide in 2023. These … Read more

Deaths From Fungal Infections Have Doubled Worldwide in Just a Decade : ScienceAlert

Eleven years ago, my colleagues and I estimated that about 2 million people around the world were dying from fungal infections annually. My latest estimate puts the figure today at nearly double that: around 3.8 million deaths. To put this in perspective, it accounts for around 6.8% of total global deaths. Coronary heart disease is … Read more

Mystery Behind Dozens of African Elephant Deaths Finally Explained : ScienceAlert

In late August 2020, wildlife veterinarian Chris Foggin was masked up and dissecting an elephant that was suspected to have died from anthrax when he got a call to say there had been more fatalities. The next day, another five dead elephants were found in the baking hot Zimbabwean sun. Foggin knew he and his … Read more