Half of migratory animal species are in decline – many face extinction

The wandering albatross (Diomedea exulans) is classed as vulnerable to extinction imageBROKER.com GmbH & Co. KG /Alamy Hundreds of migratory species – from humpback whales to wandering albatrosses – are under threat because of human activity, according to the first United Nations report on the animals. The State of the World’s Migratory Species report, released … Read more

Pets Appear to Slow Cognitive Decline in Older People Who Live Alone : ScienceAlert

Owning a pet could protect against the mental decline that can foreshadow dementia in older folks living alone, a study of nearly 8,000 people has found. The findings of the sizeable UK study add to existing evidence from the US that having a pet can help buffer against the effects of brain aging in adults … Read more

Family Sizes to Dramatically Decline in The Near Future, Scientists Predict : ScienceAlert

Scientists are predicting a worldwide fall in family sizes before the end of the century, as families get more ‘vertical’ – meaning more grandparents and great-grandparents, and fewer cousins, nieces, and nephews. In a new study by an international team of researchers, mathematical models were used alongside existing population records and projections to calculate an … Read more

Sharp decline of African birds of prey puts them at risk of extinction

Bateleurs have declined by 87 per cent in three generations Andre Botha Dozens of species of African birds of prey are in steep decline, with many now considered at risk of extinction, according to an analysis of data from across the continent. Farming and pesticide use, poisoning by poachers and the proliferation of infrastructure like … Read more

2024 could finally see greenhouse gas emissions start to decline

Carbon emissions from fossil fuels could finally start to fall in 2024 Bilanol/Shutterstock Planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions have been on the rise since the industrial revolution, and 2023 appears to have been no different. This year saw a more than 1 per cent increase in emissions from burning fossil fuels compared with 2022, according to … Read more