Experts Explain What Drinking While on Medication Can Do to Your Body : ScienceAlert

Anyone who has drunk alcohol will be familiar with how easily it can lower your social inhibitions and let you do things you wouldn’t normally do. But you may not be aware that mixing certain medicines with alcohol can increase the effects and put you at risk. When you mix alcohol with medicines, whether prescription … Read more

Weight Loss Drugs Like Ozempic Could Have a Surprising Effect on Drinking Habits : ScienceAlert

Overconsumption of calories is associated with a condition that impacts millions of people, one that despite research showing strong links to environment, neurology, and genetics, is still notoriously attributed to a lack of self-control. If you guessed obesity, you’re not wrong, but there is another answer: alcohol use disorder, a condition that affects an estimated … Read more

Drinking This Carbon Monoxide-Infused Foam Supercharges Cancer Therapy in Mice : ScienceAlert

Cancer patients could one day drink foam infused with carbon monoxide to increase the effectiveness of their treatments, after the novel approach was shown to work in tests on mice and human tissue in the lab. The experiments emerged from unexpected observations in previous studies: cancer patients who smoked ironically had better outcomes for a … Read more

Microturbines can generate electricity from drinking water pipes

A miniature hydroelectric turbine that can generate electricity from water pipes InPipe The excess pressure in water pipes can be used to spin miniature hydroelectric turbines, providing an underutilised source of clean energy. Some envision a distributed network of small turbines serving as a form of reliable storage to back up wind and solar power. … Read more

Experts Reveal Why Drinking Alcohol at Night Wakes You Up at 3am : ScienceAlert

You’ve come home after a long day at work, you have dinner, put the kids to bed, and then you have your usual nightcap before drifting off to sleep. Or, perhaps you’re at the pub for the work Christmas party, and you think you’ll just have one more drink before heading home. That last drink … Read more

How to Avoid Holiday Hangovers

Tanya Lewis: Hi, this is Your Health, Quickly, a Scientific American podcast series! Josh Fischman: We bring you the latest vital health news: Discoveries that affect your body and your mind.   Lewis: And we break down the medical research to help you stay healthy. I’m Tanya Lewis. Fischman: And I’m Josh Fischman. Lewis: We’re Scientific American’s … Read more

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EACH June, tourists flock to Newfoundland to catch a glimpse of icebergs. Sparkling as they twist in the frigid waves of the Labrador Sea, icebergs have become one of the Canadian island’s most important industries, attracting more than 100,000 visitors a year. But not everyone is satisfied merely watching the behemoth blocks of frozen freshwater … Read more

Hangovers: What science says about why you feel so rough

Why do I feel so bad? Alcohol. Undoubtedly alcohol. Your headache, nausea, sweats, tiredness, apathy, that nebulous sense of guilt – they indubitably come from drinking too much last night. But then again, not alcohol. The onset of a hangover means your blood’s concentration of ethanol – the alcohol we appreciate for its intoxicating qualities … Read more