Rising greenhouse gases have cooling effect on Antarctica’s atmosphere

Above some parts of Antarctica, there is a curious negative greenhouse effect imageBROKER.com GmbH & Co. KG / Alamy Rising concentrations of methane and carbon dioxide have led to a “negative greenhouse effect” above parts of Antarctica, but this slight cooling effect could reverse as the air becomes more humid alongside rising temperatures. Greenhouse gases … Read more

One Simple Change May Dramatically Boost The Effect of COVID-19 Vaccines : ScienceAlert

Sometimes it’s the simplest solutions that get lost in the kerfuffle of scientific progress. Since the advent of vaccines more than two centuries ago, researchers have studied all sorts of ways in which inoculation with a weakened pathogen (or parts thereof) can prepare the immune system for a full attack – exploring different dosages, vaccine … Read more

Placebo effect: Luana Colloca is a neuroscientist looking to change the way we treat pain

KLAWE RZECZY; headhot: Matthew Paul D’Agostino For a phenomenon that has been known about for hundreds of years, there is still much to learn about the placebo effect – when a person’s health improves after taking a dummy treatment like a sugar pill. It is thought that the expectation of a positive outcome is behind … Read more

Green Spaces May Have a Powerful Effect on The Bones of Children : ScienceAlert

Children who live in walking distance of a green space, like a park, garden, or forest, are more likely to have stronger and healthier bones, according to new research. The study is the first of its kind, and it supports previous evidence that found adults living in greener areas tend to have higher bone strength, … Read more

Weight Loss Drugs Like Ozempic Could Have a Surprising Effect on Drinking Habits : ScienceAlert

Overconsumption of calories is associated with a condition that impacts millions of people, one that despite research showing strong links to environment, neurology, and genetics, is still notoriously attributed to a lack of self-control. If you guessed obesity, you’re not wrong, but there is another answer: alcohol use disorder, a condition that affects an estimated … Read more

Screen Time Could Have a Surprising Effect on Our Children’s Ability to Process Sensations : ScienceAlert

Screens can seem like a cheat code for parenting, offering a brief respite from shrill noises and surrealist mischief long enough to do something indulgent like wash dishes or make lunch. Yet while screen time may be harmless or even enriching in moderation, it’s still rife with pitfalls. Screens can tempt kids away from physical … Read more

Red Sea: Cheap drone attacks have outsized effect on global economic inflation

A missile being fired off the USS Carney towards Houthi missiles and drones in the Red Sea U.S. Navy Attacks on container ships in the Red Sea have forced hundreds of ships carrying billions of dollars’ worth of cargo to avoid the region and the shortcut to the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal, resulting in … Read more

Quantum batteries could charge faster by scrambling the rules of cause and effect

Quantum batteries of the future could gain charge by breaking the conventional laws of causality, research has shown. Conventional batteries charge by converting electrical energy into chemical energy on the scale of vast numbers of electrons. But in a new proof-of-principle experiment researchers have demonstrated how a weird quantum effect may lead to batteries that … Read more

Radio bursts from space are exhibiting a strange ‘sad trombone’ effect

The Allen Telescope Array Seth Shostak/SETI Institute Short, powerful bursts of radio waves from space are getting stranger and stranger. Astronomers have spotted 35 of these bursts from a single object with a pattern unlike any we have seen before. Sofia Sheikh at the SETI Institute in California and her colleagues observed this object, a … Read more