Simple Experiment Reveals Why Your Next Antibiotics May Prove Useless : ScienceAlert

Do bacteria mutate randomly, or do they mutate for a purpose? Researchers have been puzzling over this conundrum for over a century. In 1943, microbiologist Salvador Luria and physicist turned biologist Max Delbrück invented an experiment to argue that bacteria mutated aimlessly. Using their test, other scientists showed that bacteria could acquire resistance to antibiotics … Read more

Scientists Slowed Down Light by 10,000 Times in an Experiment : ScienceAlert

Scientists have previously established that light can be slowed down in certain scenarios, and a new study demonstrates a method for achieving it that promises to be one of the most useful approaches yet. The researchers behind the breakthrough, from Guangxi University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences in China, say that their method could … Read more

It’s Confirmed! Laser Fusion Experiment Hit a Critical Milestone in Power Generation : ScienceAlert

In December 2022, scientists at the US National Ignition Facility announced a historic milestone: for the first time, their laser-powered fusion reaction had ‘broken even’, producing more energy than it consumed. But advances as big as this need to be rigorously checked – and that can take some time. Importantly, a series of papers detailing … Read more

Dinosaurs evolved feathers to scare prey, suggests robot experiment

Robopteryx, a dinosaur mimic, facing a grasshopper Jinseok Park, Piotr Jablonski et al. Feathers may have evolved on dinosaurs to frighten and flush out prey before they were used for flight, say researchers who built a winged robot and used it to scare grasshoppers. Pennaceous feathers, which are the stiff, non-downy feathers with a central … Read more

Experiment Reveals How Cannabis Actually Affects Exercise : ScienceAlert

The impact of cannabis on exercise is rife with assumptions and contradictions. All at once, the plant is considered a performance-enhancing drug, banned by numerous sporting events, and a ‘couch-lock’, employed by the perennially lazy. Emerging evidence suggests both perspectives are off the mark. In US states that have legalized cannabis, several recent surveys have … Read more

Famous quantum experiment could be shrunk to the size of a single atom

The double-slit experiment shows how light can act as a wave Timm Weitkamp/Wikimedia, CC by 3.0 The classic double-slit experiment of quantum physics involves shining light through two narrow gaps to show that it can behave as a wave – now it seems the slits can be entirely replaced by a single atom. The double-slit … Read more

Pew! Pew! Pew! NASA’s 1st successful two-way laser experiment is a giant leap for moon and Mars communications

NASA has completed its first laser link with an in-orbit laser relay system, marking a significant advancement in space communication technology. The successful demonstration of two-way laser communications on Dec. 5 between laser terminals in different orbits could provide a basis for faster communications between Earth and the moon or even beyond.  The experiment has … Read more

Scientists Contact Whales in World-First Communication Experiment : ScienceAlert

What do whale experts and alien hunters have in common? More than you might expect. For a recent study published in the peer-reviewed journal PeerJ, scientists from UC Davis, the Alaska Whale Foundation, and SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) teamed up. Their mission: Communicate with whales. And they did just that. In a landmark experiment, … Read more