Strange Meteorite Fragments That Exploded Over Berlin Now Identified : ScienceAlert

On January 21st, 2024, a meter-sized asteroid (2024 BX1) entered Earth’s atmosphere and exploded over Berlin at 12:33 am UTC (07:45 pm EST; 04:33 pm PST). Before it reached Earth, 2024 BX1 was a Near-Earth Asteroid (NEA) with an orbit that suggests it was part of the Apollo group. The fragments have since been located … Read more

Scientists discover near-Earth asteroid hours before it exploded over Berlin

In the wee morning hours on Sunday (Jan. 21), a tiny asteroid came hurtling through the sky and smashed into Earth’s atmosphere near Berlin, producing a bright but harmless fireball visible for miles around. Such sightings typically occur a few times a year — but this one was unique because it was first detected by … Read more

Elon Musk reveals why Starship exploded during November test flight

SpaceX’s giant Starship rocket apparently performed better on its second-ever test flight than its explosive end would suggest. The mission launched from SpaceX’s Starbase site in South Texas on Nov. 18 of last year. It ended about eight minutes after liftoff, when Starship’s upper-stage spacecraft (called, somewhat confusingly, Starship), detonated high in the Texas sky. … Read more

A star exploded 10,000 years ago and left us with the gorgeous Veil Nebula (photo)

Miguel Claro is a professional photographer, author and science communicator based in Lisbon, Portugal, who creates spectacular images of the night sky. As a European Southern Observatory Photo Ambassador and member of The World At Night and the official astrophotographer of the Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve, he specializes in astronomical “Skyscapes” that connect both Earth and the night sky.  The Veil … Read more