Largest COVID Vaccine Study Ever Reveals The Actual Health Risks You Face : ScienceAlert

The largest global vaccine safety study has linked COVID-19 vaccines with small increases in health conditions involving the brain, blood, and heart. The international team of researchers emphasizes that the chances of getting any of these conditions are still very low. It’s important to note that extensive research shows COVID-19 vaccines protect against serious illness, … Read more

Half of migratory animal species are in decline – many face extinction

The wandering albatross (Diomedea exulans) is classed as vulnerable to extinction GmbH & Co. KG /Alamy Hundreds of migratory species – from humpback whales to wandering albatrosses – are under threat because of human activity, according to the first United Nations report on the animals. The State of the World’s Migratory Species report, released … Read more

The surprising benefits of having an asymmetrical face, body and brain

LOOKING in the mirror, you may notice a slight imbalance in your features – a leftward curve of the nose, a wrinkle that only appears under one eye or an ear that is slightly higher than the other. For centuries, this lack of perfect balance was thought to detract from our beauty, and you can … Read more

Hypochondriacs Face a Greater Risk of Death After All : ScienceAlert

People who worry excessively about their health tend to die earlier than those who don’t, a recent study from Sweden has found. It seems strange that hypochondriacs who, by definition, worry yet have nothing wrong with them, should enjoy shorter lifespans than the rest of us. Let’s find out more. First, a word about terminology. … Read more

When 1 Has Dementia, Both Face a Shorter Life : ScienceAlert

When someone is diagnosed with dementia, a common question their families may ask is: ‘How much time do we have?’ How much time before their loved one drifts away; after their memories fade and confusion sets in? Answering that difficult question can be tricky, as life expectancy after a dementia diagnosis varies from around 3 … Read more

Interstellar astronauts would face years-long communication delays due to time dilation

Due to the mind-blowing distances and speeds required, interstellar travel would be extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, for humanity to achieve. But new research highlights yet another challenge: communication blackouts. The next-closest star system to our own, Alpha Centauri, is over 4 light-years away, so barring any fancy sci-fi technological revolution in the next few … Read more