Kākāpō Parrots Are Flightless, Adorable and Making a Comeback

Kākāpō are avid walkers, wandering on strong legs for miles at a time and hiking up mountains to find mates. They’re keen climbers too, clambering up New Zealand’s 65-foot-high rimu trees on large claws to forage for red berries on the tips of the conifer’s branches. But there’s one thing that the world’s heaviest parrot species can’t … Read more

Evolution: Why are there no flightless bats? We’re closing in on an answer

The vampire bat isn’t just an expert flyer – it is also an adept walker Joel Sartore/Photo Ark/naturepl.com IN THE undergrowth of a New Zealand forest, something stirs. A small, fuzzy animal is scurrying over tree roots and through leaf litter, foraging for insects and fruit. It scuttles with an odd gait, as if on … Read more