Super-thickeners made from starch reduce calories and carbs in food

Starch is a component of flour, a thickening agent in cooking Viktor Fischer/Alamy Building tiny sheets and cages from starch particles turns them into super-thickeners that could reduce the calorie content of foods. Starch is often added to foods like soups to make them richer and thicker, but doing so increases the calorie count and … Read more

Your ultimate guide to ultra-processed food – how bad is it really?

I RECENTLY scoured my kitchen looking for trouble, and I found plenty. There was a packet of instant noodles in a cupboard. Tins of baked beans and a box of muesli. In the fridge, a Jamaican patty, ketchup, hummus and probiotic yoghurts. Over in the bread bin, a loaf. I didn’t dare peek in the … Read more

The science behind fluffy pancakes and using the right raising agent

Vladislav Noseek/Shutterstock OVER the holidays, I went to visit my brother-in-law, who wowed us with some exceptional American-style pancakes. Thick and fluffy, airy and nicely browned, they were a triumph, after which my children have never looked at my own pancakes the same way. Usually, I mix up a batch of dry ingredients – flour, … Read more

Flavour bridging: How to cook a bizarre but delicious Christmas dinner

Guests enjoy a main course of turkey, peanuts and chocolate to test “flavour bridging” theory David Stock SOME foods are made for one another. From the comforting cuddle of mozzarella, tomato and marjoram atop a pizza to the tantalising trinity of ginger, garlic and soy sauce that make East Asian dishes sing, some combinations seem … Read more