The sun could contain a tiny black hole that formed in the big bang

The sun and other stars might look and act differently if they held black holes Nixx Photography/Shutterstock Stars could have tiny black holes hiding inside them that were formed during the big bang. This idea, first dreamed up by Stephen Hawking, might also explain the origins of dark matter, researchers have found. In 1971, physicist … Read more

Barringer Crater may have been formed by a cosmic ‘curveball,’ asteroid simulations show

Loosely-bound clumpy asteroids with curveball-like spins may have scooped out some of Earth’s most distinctly shaped craters, including Arizona’s bowl-like Barringer Crater, a study published Nov. 22 in the journal Physical Review E suggests. Craters carved by fast-spinning space rocks tend to be wider and shallower than those formed from their slower-spinning counterparts, the study … Read more