Heartwarming Study Shows Non-Human Apes Recognize Friends Even After Decades Apart : ScienceAlert

In the savannahs and rainforests of tropical Africa, an ape friend once made is a friend for life. A study on 26 captive chimpanzees and bonobos led by Harvard University evolutionary biologist Laura S. Lewis, who was a student at Stanford University at the time of the study, has found non-human apes can recognize family … Read more

Chimpanzees recognise photos of friends they haven’t seen for decades

Chimpanzees in zoos were shown photos of old group members to test their memory Johns Hopkins University Bonobos and chimpanzees seem to recognise photos of former group members – even animals they haven’t seen for over 20 years. This means that these apes have the longest social memory ever recorded in any animal besides humans. … Read more

Are Orca Whales Friends or Foes?

Carin Leong: Orcas have been all over the news recently. [CLIP: News montage] Leong: Earlier this year the story of orcas ramming into yachts off the Spanish coast kind of took off. [CLIP: News montage] Leong: People on the Internet were calling them allies, hoping that they would sink billionaires and making other jokes about … Read more