We May Finally Know Why Fasting Protects The Body From Dangerous Inflammation : ScienceAlert

Our immune system offers essential protection to our body, summoning chemical agents and cellular assassins to sites of damage in skirmishes we experience as inflammation. Unfortunately a range of factors can trigger inflammation into going awry, leaving a trail of collatoral damage. Adhering to a high calorie Western diet, for example, is known to risk … Read more

Gut Inflammation Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, Yet Again : ScienceAlert

Researchers connecting pieces of the massive Alzheimer’s puzzle are closer to slotting the next one in place, with yet another link between our guts and brain. Recent animal studies have demonstrated Alzheimer’s can be passed on to young mice through a transfer of gut microbes, confirming a link between the digestive system and the health … Read more

Ozempic and Wegovy may reduce inflammation by targeting the brain

Ozempic is a diabetes treatment, but it is often also used to help with weight loss fcm82/Shutterstock Weight-loss and diabetes injections such as Wegovy and Ozempic (both semaglutide) may have wider medical benefits than we first thought, after work in mice suggests they act on the brain to lessen body-wide inflammation. The finding could explain … Read more