The existence of a new kind of magnetism has been confirmed

Altermagnetism works differently from standard magnetism Libor Šmejkal and Anna Birk Hellenes A new kind of magnetism has been measured for the first time. Altermagnets, which contain a blend of properties from different classes of existing magnets, could be used to make high capacity and fast memory devices or new kinds of magnetic computers. Until … Read more

Space Lasers Will Seek a New Kind of Gravitational Waves

Orbital observatories such as the Hubble Space Telescope and James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) can see far back into the universe—so far, in fact, that they have revealed some of the earliest galaxies to form in the first 500 million years of our universe’s 13.8-billion-year-history. Much further back, we can see the remnant heat left … Read more

Strange Object Described as Dracula’s Sandwich Could Represent a New Kind of Baby Star : ScienceAlert

Space, it seems, is teeming not with stars and galaxies but with delicious cosmic snacks. A new object in the Milky Way discovered by a team of astronomers led by Ciprian Berghea of the US Naval Observatory has been given the nickname Dracula’s Chivito, after the meat-laden sandwich that is the national dish of Uruguay. … Read more

The Last of its Kind review: How the great auk left an enduring legacy

The great auk was driven extinct by a scientific market for its eggs and stuffed remains Oscar Dominguez/Alamy The Last of Its KindGísli Pálsson (Princeton University Press Out now in the US; in the UK 2 April) IN 1858, John Wolley and Alfred Newton, two British scientists, travelled to Iceland to study the great auk, … Read more

Strange New Kind of Magnetism Found Lurking In Material Just Six Atoms Thick : ScienceAlert

More than half a century ago, Japanese physicist Yosuke Nagaoka theorized a way a magnetic field might expand from meandering electrons restlessly searching for a place to rest that was radically different from conventional models of ferromagnetism. A phenomenon recently observed in a stack of alternating semiconductors could be explained by Nagaoka’s speculations, while throwing … Read more

Study Finds One Kind of Diet Linked to Reduced COVID-19 Infection Risk : ScienceAlert

With new cases of COVID-19 still in the tens of thousands per day across the globe, scientists are working hard trying to learn more about what factors put each of us at greater risk of infection. It turns out that sticking to a vegan or vegetarian diet is associated with a 39 percent lower reduced … Read more

Quantum Batteries Could Provide a New Kind of Energy Storage by Messing With Time : ScienceAlert

In a typical battery, charged ions zip one way through a sea of other particles as the battery recharges, before racing back in the other direction to release the stored energy on cue. Back and forth the ions go, some getting diverted along the way, until the capacity of the battery is drained, and it … Read more

Intergalactic ‘stream of stars’ 10 times longer than the Milky Way is the 1st of its kind ever spotted

Astronomers have accidentally discovered the first known intergalactic trail of stars. The gigantic “stellar stream,” which is around 10 times longer than the Milky Way, suggests that more of these structures could be lurking in deep space, a new study reveals.    Stellar streams are elongated threads of gravitationally entwined stars that have likely been … Read more