Major X-ray sky survey could relieve crisis surrounding the universe’s ‘lumpiness’

A new analysis of how galaxy clusters evolved over the 13.8-billion-year history of the cosmos could help solve a long-standing tension surrounding the ‘lumpiness’ of our universe’s matter content. Down the line, it may also help scientists solve a host of other cosmic mysteries.  The first data from the eROSITA all-sky survey of cosmic X-ray … Read more

Scientists Caught Sperm Defying a Major Law of Physics : ScienceAlert

With their whip-like tails, human sperm propel themselves through viscous fluids, seemingly in defiance of Newton’s third law of motion, according to a recent study that characterizes the motion of these sex cells and single-celled algae. Kenta Ishimoto, a mathematical scientist at Kyoto University, and colleagues investigated these non-reciprocal interactions in sperm and other microscopic … Read more

It’s Confirmed. A Major Atlantic Ocean Current Is Verging on Collapse. : ScienceAlert

Last year a concerning study suggested one of Earth’s major ocean currents is racing towards collapse. Unfortunately, new data now backs that up. “The temperature, sea level and precipitation changes will severely affect society, and the climate shifts are unstoppable on human time scales,” the authors of the latest study warn in an article for … Read more

Nuclear Fusion World Record Smashed in Major Achievement : ScienceAlert

Scientists in Britain announced Thursday they had smashed a record for generating fusion energy in the final experiment using the Joint European Torus (JET) machines. Nuclear fusion is the same process that the sun uses to generate heat. Proponents believe it could one day help tackle climate change by providing an abundant, safe and clean … Read more

Common Plastic Chemicals Linked to 10% of Premature Births in US, Major Study Finds : ScienceAlert

One in 10 premature births in the United States have been linked to pregnant women being exposed to chemicals in extremely common plastic products, a large study said on Wednesday. The chemicals, called phthalates, are used to soften plastic and can be found in thousands of consumer items including plastic containers and wrapping, beauty care … Read more

Major ‘magnetic anomaly’ discovered deep below New Zealand’s Lake Rotorua

New maps have revealed a hidden hydrothermal system beneath a legendary lake in New Zealand, which serves as the setting for a famous Māori love story.  Lake Rotorua sits at the heart of a massive ancient crater of a dormant volcano on New Zealand’s North Island. The lake has a storied history: it is where … Read more

Astrophysicist ‘Fixes’ General Relativity by Throwing Out a Major Law : ScienceAlert

Albert Einstein was one smart cookie; there’s no doubt about it. But even he knew his general theory of relativity – the 21st century’s answer to Newton’s universal theory of gravity – wasn’t perfect. Like the second-hand car you bought using your first paycheck, it does the job for day-to-day errands. Push it too hard … Read more

We’ve Been Misreading a Major Law of Physics For The Last 300 Years : ScienceAlert

When Isaac Newton inscribed onto parchment his now-famed laws of motion in 1687, he could have only hoped we’d be discussing them three centuries later. Writing in Latin, Newton outlined three universal principles describing how the motion of objects is governed in our Universe, which have been translated, transcribed, discussed and debated at length. But … Read more

Seabed trawling found to be a major source of global CO2 emissions

Bottom trawling involves dragging weighted nets across the seafloor NarisaFotoSS/Shutterstoc​k Bottom trawling releases around 340 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, according to the first study to estimate these emissions. That is nearly 1 per cent of all global CO2 emissions, a major contribution that has been overlooked until now. Trawling … Read more